Thank you for Fruitvale Station, Ryan Coogler.

2 Sep

Allison For President

Thank you for Fruitvale Station, Ryan Coogler.  You crafted a movie that takes this seemingly hopeless, sad, and anger-inducing story and imbued HOPE. You and your band of actors (Michael B. Jordan, Octavia Spencer, Melanie Diaz and more) infused more nuance and authenticity then I could of ever hoped for. The constant interlacing of all of Oscar Grant’s different world’s set such a powerful platform for his final moments. It was so refreshing to watch something so realistic not just in facts but also in humanity. Thank you for delivering a film that also takes time to showcase the beauty in OUR boys and girls that is not often shown. Scenes that could of been cliché and forced were exactly the opposite. It was extremely powerful and extremely beautiful.

I can’t get that haunting scene with Oscar and the dog out of my mind today. Too often our young people…

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Big Words | Review

2 Sep

Allison For President

I’ve been meaning to write about Big Words for a few weeks now. I saw it opening weekend like the dutiful AFFRM (African-American Film Festival Releasing Movement) fan/Stan/stalker that I am and adored it. Written and directed by former journalist, Neil Drumming, Big Words takes a questioning look at what happens when Hip Hop grows up. The films skilled cast includes Dorian Missick, Gbenga Akinnagbe, and Yaya Alafia giving you tons of brown-skinned sexiness. Yessssssss.


Set in Brooklyn on Election Day 2008, Drumming’s characters contemplate the possibility of America’s future while scrutinizing their own unique past. Once a popular local rap group- John (Missick), James (Akinnagbe) and Malik (played by Darien Sills-Evans) have long since gone their separate ways. Election Day shakes the cosmos though and forces them each to deal with not only what could of been but what could STILL be.

Hip Hop has and will always be…

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